Monday, August 22, 2016

It is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

It is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hands down, this has been the BEST birthday I have EVER had... EVER!!!!

Friday afternoon I went to the Dry Bar, which I loved so much. Anytime someone wants to wash my hair, sign me up!!! Best part, it was raining outside so they gave me a free umbrella to keep my hair looking good!

We got home, I changed... into an outfit that Casey picked out and surprised me with and then we went out to meet up with friends. We were supposed to go to the food truck park but it wouldn't stop raining so plans changed. To be honest, it was a great change! We found a place close to home that had good food and karaoke all in one place... I loved it!!!

We danced the night away and I even got up on stage and sang some karaoke... I will try to post the video later!

Case also surprised me with a birthday cake... and it was my fave, carrot cake!!!  
I have some of the most wonderful girlfriends in all the world!!! Thank you to each of you (and the husbands who were able to come and hang out with Casey) for making it out to celebrate with me. I love you all so much... #PrettyGirls

Sunday I wore the other outfit Casey picked out for me, to church. It is a dress but I am so dadgum tall that I had to put a pair of skinny jeans under it. I am so proud of him for picking out such adorable outfits and surprising me. He has been so good this past week... spoiled me for longer than just the 24 hours of my actual birthday and I have loved every minute of it.  

30 was the BEST year of my life so far... I cant wait to see what 31 has in store for me!!!


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