Monday, August 1, 2016

Hello August


August is my most favorite month of the year because it is MY birthday!!!! I absolutely LOVE my birthday. Always have and probably always will. I laugh when people tell me they dread having another birthday and growing older... to me it is the best thing in the world. Each year I am able to get a new outlook on life, it is like a reset button that I can hit on August 22 and start over new. If I was self centered my 23rd year of life, then my 24th birthday I would dedicate that year to being more serving towards others....

My 30th birthday I decided to stop giving a damn about what other people thought about me. It wasn't a easy task to do but let me tell you this... once I stopped caring what every Jane and John thought, I started having more confidence in myself and started loving myself more. I didn't have to live up to a standard of perfection so I was able to embrace each of my flaws. It was truly freeing and now here I am 3 weeks from turning 31 totally in love with who I am. Sure there are Jane's and John's out there that hate me and think I am blah BUT guess what... I don't give a damn!

I have thought long and hard about what my gift will be to myself for my 31st birthday and I decided that this year I am going to really buckle down, give it all I have, pour my heart into my workouts, really focus more on my eating and before I turn 32 years old I will step onto a stage to compete in a fitness competition! My workouts will be called selfish, I will be "neglecting" my friends and family when I say no to eating out, I will be called obsessed and crazy by those that don't understand... but I am choosing to not listen to those negative things and instead focus on my goal. 31 is going to be MY year to compete... I can do this!!!

I hope you all have a HAPPY 1st day of August!!!
Stay tuned because I plan on blogging EVERY day until my birthday... and maybe there will even be some giveaways!!!



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